About Us

Hello Lovelies!!! This is Olivia Oliver, the O in KOA, the K and the A are for my two sisters, I'll get to that later. My mother had always dreamed of starting her own business. She always knew it would be either a clothing boutique, a bakery or a party planning business since she has a pation for the three.  In 2020 my mom was inspired to start her own clothing boutique. She had originally worked in many offices for over 15 years, but that year things shifted in a positive way for her which pushed her more towards her dream. She decided that she wanted to do something for herself and that would also benefit her daughters in the future. Later in 2021 after doing much research into owning a boutique   We finally came up with a name that would fit for the boutique perfectly. That perfect name was Lovely KOA. KOA stands for, Kandice, Olivia, and Alyssa my moms three daughters. We also found out that Koa is a tree which my mom sooner realized she had this tree in her grandmother's front yard. My Mom told us that as a little girl she was told that if she would put one leaf of the Koa tree in between the pages of the book she was studying. She did not realize that KOA was the name of the tree.Through this journey my family and I have worked so hard and learned so many things but at the end of the day,I think the lesson was that if you work hard and Pray hard and believe,then you can do anything - Lovely KOA